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Weber Refrigeration and Heating, Inc is committed to providing outstanding services to people throughout our service area. We help various residential, commercial, and industrial clients with all their HVAC needs.

Choosing a Contractor

Most people think picking an HVAC&R service provider is similar to selecting a commodity. They frequently regret their choices after spending thousands and ending up with equipment that gives poor reliability, high utility bills, or poor response time.

Selecting the right brand of oven or car can be important. But in choosing an HVAC system, the service provider is more consequential than the label of the equipment.

It may take time to read, study, and investigate your options. However, if you choose the wrong company, you may regret it for years.

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Why Picking the Right Company Matters

HVAC equipment such as furnaces and air-conditioning systems break down more than 50% of the time because of improper installation and other errors by service providers, including:

  • Failure to Nitrogen Purge During Welding

  • Improperly Engineered Ductwork

  • Incorrect Line Sizing

  • Improper Refrigerant Charge or Settings

  • Inaccurate Vacuuming (of the Refrigerant System)

What Makes Us Different

674 Years of Combined Experience

Since our inception in 1980, we have always looked for the right kind of people who either knew our trade well or who could learn it quickly.

We searched for individuals who were inherently honest, courteous, respectful, and dedicated. Our group wanted people who would stay with us long-term. Today, we have employees who have been with us since 1980.

Continuous Learning

Our company holds a weekly classroom training. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, all of our technicians meet for a two-hour session. We also gather with other experts in our neighborhoods every weekday to share knowledge and experiences.

How This Benefits Our Clients

The more experience our employees have, the quicker they can get the job done. This way, you save money on labor charges. The guys with the most skills understand how to tune your equipment up for maximum efficiency and comfort.


Generally when people call us they have an urgent situation. When you call us, you will never hear the phone answered by a machine asking you to press 1 for this or 2 for that.

We know that your time is valuable to you, and you (like us) do not appreciate listening to a computer asking you to press several layers of buttons before finally, 5 minutes later getting to talk to a human who can actually solve your problem. We know that you don't have confidence leaving a message on an answering machine.

When you call us a REAL LIVE PERSON will answer. In fact it will most likely be a person who has worked for us for over 20 years, and is very good at what they do.

Get PROMPT QUALITY SERVICE from The Guys in The Orange Trucks.

Weber Employee Helps During Snow Storm

On April 29, 2017, Southwest Kansas had a huge snowstorm. Some areas got as much as 22 degrees. Bobby Wells of Plains Kansas called in and talked to Alex, the Weber employee on call for that area that weekend.

All of the "Guys in the Orange Trucks" were extremely busy that weekend. They were helping people with cold homes and refrigeration systems that had failed because of snow and fluctuating power due to high winds and falling tree branches.

Alex did not want Mr. Wells' family to be cold for several hours before he could get there. As a solution, he talked Mr. Wells through the process of repairing his heating system himself.

On May 10, Bobby called in to tell our office how much he appreciated it.

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Volume Buying Discounts

Even in metro areas, most HVAC companies keep small inventories. Our company keeps over $1,000,000.00 worth of parts, supplies, and new units in stock. We have several motives for this.

  • 1 Buying in large quantities gives us huge price advantages unavailable to others in our area. This way, we charge you less, giving you a great deal and helping us get more jobs.
  • 2 Keeping thousands of parts, supplies, and units in our warehouses lets us repair most systems on the same day. We avoid leaving you with broken-down equipment for several days while we order parts.
  • 3 Freon, like most commodities, has large swings in price. We do our best to watch the charts and buy at the lows. Often, we purchase in quantities that last us three or four years. Again, these savings get passed down to you.

Honesty and Integrity

It is a sad state that our country is in, when a quality like this even needs to be mentioned instead of just being expected. I'm sure many of you can remember a day when most business people were honest; a day when you could believe your political leaders; a day when the CEOs of large companies weren't out to cheat their stockholders.

We believe this is the way it still should be. Our employee manual has a section labeled General expected commitment of Employee to Employer. Here is number one on this list. Tell the truth in all situations and dealings with all vendors, fellow employees, customers, and management.

I am motivated by my allegiance to the GOD of the BIBLE. Hebrews 6:6 states that if I represent myself as a Christian, and then act in a different manner in public, that I am SUBJECTING CHRIST TO PUBLIC DISGRACE. This is a standard I take very seriously. If you have any reason to believe that anyone in our company is not living up to this standard, please call me personally.

- Mike A Weber

We Are Here To Help

For questions or concerns, contact our friendly and reliable team now. We look forward to helping with your HVAC requirements.