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Bringing You Excellent Residential HVAC Services

Our group understands that your family is your top priority. We will help you keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Always Here To Serve You

You can trust us to assist you in managing humidity and air quality. We will also help you save enough money on your utility bills so you can afford to do the things you love.

Rely on us to fix your HVAC equipment quickly at a fair price. We also have most furnace and air conditioner units in stock and can install your new system the same day at a favorable cost.


Repairing and Selling Air Conditioners

Our company provides repair services for almost every type and brand of air-conditioning systems. We sell and service equipment as small as half up to several hundred tons.

Some of the Brands We Service & Sell

  • Lennox
  • Amana
  • Carrier
  • Trane
  • Johnson Controls
  • York
  • Rheem
  • Coleman
  • Goodman
  • Honeywell
  • Bryant
  • American Standard
  • Daiken
  • RUUD
  • GE
  • Goodman
  • Liebert
  • Bard
  • McQuay
  • LG

Common Air Conditioner Problems


Fixing Heating Units

Weber Refrigeration and Heating Inc offers expert service on all types of heating systems. We are available 24 hours, 365 days.

All Types of Heating Systems

We sell different equipment, including:

  • 60% Furnaces
  • High-Efficiency Furnaces
  • Heat Pumps
  • Geothermal Machines
  • Under Floor Heating Systems
  • Hydronics
  • Boilers
  • Infrared Heaters
  • Shop Heaters
  • Hanging Heaters
  • Gas Radiant Heaters
  • Electric Radiant Heaters
  • Low-Pressure Steam Boilers
  • High-Pressure Steam Boilers
  • Variable Air Volume Systems (VAV)
  • Face and Bypass Systems
  • Multizone Systems
  • Dual Duct
  • Terminal Reheat Systems
  • Straight Resistance Electric Heat Systems
  • Fan Coil Units
  • Radiators

Which Type of Equipment Should I Choose?

This question has many answers. The things that affect the solution most are the following:

1. What are you heating?
2. What utilities are available to you and what is the price?
3. What is your heat loss and heat gain?
4. Do you have unusual requirements, such as high infiltration, unusual operating hours, high internal heat gain, caustic environment, special safety concerns, and explosive-proof environment?
5. How many different areas do you wish to have their own thermostat for individualized control?

Reach out to us for a free evaluation of your specific situation. We will present you with several options along with the projected annual utility costs.

Conventional Gas Furnace

This heating system was installed mostly from about 1950 until 2000.

Advantages Disadvantages
1. Simple with few moving parts 1. Poor energy efficiency, 40% of all the heat purchased went right out the flue
2. Reliable 2. Our government no longer allows it to be manufactured or installed
3. Few safety devices, making it more prone to fire hazards or carbon monoxide emissions into the living space

80% Gas Furnace

This equipment was installed mostly after 1990.

Advantages Disadvantages
1. Can often use the same old metal chimney vent 1. More moving parts than the old units
2. Only 20% of the gas is wasted instead of 40% on the conventional unit 2. Not as energy-efficient as the 95% units
3. Many safety devices 3. Our government is likely to be outlawing these soon

95% Condensing Furnace

This unit was installed mostly after 1984.

Advantages Disadvantages
1. Often has a newer motor technology that can cut the energy use of the fan motor in half 1. More moving parts than the old units
2. Only 5% of the gas is wasted instead of 40% on the conventional unit and 20% on the mid‑range furnaces 2. Higher initial cost
3. Many safety devices. 3. Require the use of a new PVC flue (sometimes this is easy and sometimes not)

Indoor Air Quality and Allergy Solutions


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To learn more, get in touch with our HVAC specialists now. We would be happy to come to your home to evaluate your current system and recommend specific options for your consideration. You will not be charged for anything or be obligated in any way.